Poles for sale

Pole Vault City is a full line dealer for Gill and an official dealer for Altius.  If you would like to purchase a Pacer fx, Carbon fx, Skypole, Carbon Skypole, Pacer Mystic, Carbon Mystic, or Altius pole, please contact Bobby Haeck at 352.348.5930 or at nolevault@gmail.com for a quote.  I am not allowed to publish my prices on the internet because they are BELOW the manufacturer’s specified retail published internet price.  We also have a huge selection of used poles to choose from.  The used pole list is listed below.  Understand the list is a work in progress and changes from time to time. Poles that are listed in bold are new poles. Due to extenuating circumstances of our shipping connection, the poles below are for sale to be picked up only.  No shipping of poles.


ESSX Poles

8’2″ 65lb Essx pole
8’2″ 120lb Essx pole
9′ 90lb Essx pole
9′ 110lb Essx pole
10’8″ 100lb Essx pole – out rented
10’8″ 130lb Essx pole
11’6″ 125lb Essx pole
11’6″ 135lb Essx pole
11’6″ 155lb Essx pole
12’4″ 135lb Essx pole
12’4″ 155lb Essx pole
13’1″ 160lb Essx pole
13’7″ 165lb Essx Carbon pole
14’3″ 165lb Essx pole – out rented
14’1″ 173.1 Essx pole – out rented
14’7″ 165lb Essx Carbon pole – out rented
14’7″ 173.8lb Essx Carbon pole


11′ 110lb Skypole pole
11′ 130lb Skypole pole
11′ 140lb Skypole pole
11’6″ 130lb Skypole pole

11’6″ 150lb Skypole pole
12′ 130lb Skypole pole
12′ 140 Skypole pole
12’6″ 140 Skypole pole
13′ 185 Skypole pole
13’6″ 175 Skypole pole
15′ 165 Skypole Carbon pole
15′ 170 Skypole Carbon pole

Altius Carbon Elite

12′ 130lb Altius Carbon pole
12′ 140 lb Altius Carbon pole
12’6″ 130lb Altius Carbon pole
12’6″ 150lb Altius Carbon pole

Pacer Mystic

10′ 90lb Pacer Mystic pole
10′ 110lb Pacer Mystic pole
10′ 130lb Pacer Mystic pole
10’6″ 130lb Pacer Mystic pole
10’6″ 130lb Pacer Mystic pole
11′ 120lb Pacer Mystic pole
11′ 130lb Pacer Mystic pole
11’6″ 130 Pacer Mystic pole
11’6″ 110lb Pacer Mystic pole
12′ 110lb Pacer Mystic pole
12′ 130lb Pacer Mystic pole
12′ 130lb Pacer Mystic pole – out rental
12’6″ 110lb Pacer Mystic pole
12’6″ 125lb Pacer Mystic pole
12’6″ 135lb Pacer Mystic pole – out rental

Altius Poles

10’8″ 130lb Altius pole
10’8″ 140lb Altius pole
11’5″ 110lb Altius pole
11’5″ 120lb Altius pole
11’5″ 140lb Altius pole
11’5″ 170lb Altius pole – out rental
12’4″ 115lb carbon Altius pole
12’4″ 125lb Altius pole
12’4″ 140lb Altius pole
12’9″ 130lb Altius pole
13’3″ 170lb Altius pole
13’3″ 175lb Altius pole
13’3″ 195lb Altius pole – out rental
13’9″ 165lb Altius pole
13’9″ 170lb Altius pole
13’9″ 205lb Altius pole – out rental
14’3″ 145lb Altius pole
14’3″ 170lb Altius pole
14’3″ 170lb Altius pole
14’3″ 175lb Altius pole
14’3″ 180lb Altius pole

14’3″ 205lb Altius pole
14’3″ 215lb Altius pole
14’9″ 165lb Altius pole
14’9″ 170lb Altius pole
14’9″ 175lb Altius pole
14’9″ 180lb Altius pole
14’9″ 190lb Carbon Altius pole
15’3″ 175lb Carbon Altius pole