Pole Reconditioning At Pole Vault City

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Here at Pole Vault City we pride ourselves on attention to detail. One of the services we offer is pole reconditioning.  It’s amazing how athletes, parents, and coaches view a pole vaulting pole.  If the pole is dinged up, scratched up, or the tape is falling off, people tend to think the pole isn’t as apt to performing as a shiny new pole.  I have poles that were built before 2000 that still perform to their maximum ability.  We can take a decrepit pole from years past and make it look brand new.  We recently reconditioned a 2005 carbon Mystic.  We stripped all of the old tape and stickers, gave it an acetone bath (no fiberglass was injured during the process), then put it on our taping machine and gave it a bright new coat of orange tape, requested by the purchaser.  Once the labels were put on, it looked like a brand new pole and someone is going to vault very high on it!

Author: Bobby Haeck

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