Cristina Valdes Places 6th at State Weightlifting Championships

I realize that this may not be a website dedicated to powerlifting, but this can’t go without mentioning.  Cristina Valdes, from Hagerty High School, placed 6th in the 129 pound division at the FHSAA State Weightlifing Championships earlier this month.  With a bench press of 125 pounds and a clean and jerk of 155 pounds, she tied for 6th with the tie-breaker edge due to weighing less than her fellow competitor.  This feat illustrates the pure strength that Cristina posesses as an athlete, not to mention that she was formerly a level 10 gymnast.  For those who don’t know anything about gymnastics, that is really good.  She began pole vaulting late last year and managed a personal best of 7’6″.  In November of 2010, she joined Pole Vault City and has never looked back.  At the first meet of the year, the Jimmy Carnes Invitational at the University of Florida, she posted a height of 9’4″.  Admittedly shaken by nerves at her first meet of 2011, especially indoors, she looks to make a run at the 4A state pole vault championship this year.  Look for Cristina at the Lake Highland Invitational this Friday night in Orlando.

Author: Bobby Haeck

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