New Website To Specialize In Used Pole Vaulting Poles

There is finally a website dedicated to buying, selling and renting used pole vaulting poles. That site is The owner, Bobby Haeck, has over 20 years of experience in the pole vaulting business. His new business and website targets those schools, parents, and athletes that can’t afford the outrageous prices of new pole vaulting poles. Let’s face it, not everyone has $600 and another $100 for a new 15′ pole vaulting pole and shipping. I’ve even known unsuspecting parents whom have paid almost $200 for shipping alone on a pole purchased on eBay. In Hillsborough County, there is a freeze on buying pole vaulting poles all together. Who is going to help these kids reach their dreams and goals. Used Pole Vault Poles is going to try! If you or someone you know has used poles lying around, give Bobby a call at 352.348.5930 or email him at

Author: Bobby Haeck

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