January 22nd-23rd set as first Pole Vault City camp of 2011

The first Pole Vault City camp of 2011 has been set for January 22nd and 23rd. The two day camp will be held at Merritt Island High School. This camp will feature the slide box, a tool used by Coach Haeck, to improve the takeoff of many of his vaulters. This will be the first two day camp of 2011 so make sure to register here to reserve your spot. The cost of the camp is $300 and includes lunch and booklet as well as the use of our many vaulting poles. This is a day camp and will begin at 10:00 am and end around 3:00 pm each day. Coach Bobby Haeck has worked with vaulters from all over the United States as well as countries such as the US Virgin Islands and Trinidad and Tobago. His vaulters have fared very well at local, state, and national meets, including the last 2 vaulters from the state of Florida over 16’6″ and multiple state champions last year. His attention to detail and safety is second to none. If you have any questions about camp, feel free to call Coach Haeck at 352.348.5930 or email at nolevault@gmail.com.

Author: Bobby Haeck

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