Christmas Pole Vault Campers Brave Rain and Cold

Wet and cold is no way to go though an outdoor pole vault camp in Florida.  Eleven vaulters showed up on Saturday, December 18th to find Coach Bobby Haeck and others huddling under a tent in the pouring rain.  The X3 Doppler showed  blue and yellow, neither of which is pleasant pole vaulting weather, from Collier County in Southwest Florida to Cocoa Beach and beyond.  Not to be deterred, the group headed indoors to see the newest Neovault disc, Sean’s Excellent Adventure.  Afterwards, the group went through an extensive lecture on weightlifting and medicine ball workouts.  A brief glimpse at the Doppler showed that the front was moving through, and there would be a possibility for some pole vaulting in the afternoon.  After a late Subway lunch, the group headed back to the track to try and defy the odds and become airborne.  Low and behold, at 3:00 on Saturday afternoon, the first group was in the pit and the fun had begun.

Sunday proved to be a challenge in terms of another type of weather anomaly.  The group met at 9:00 to try and get in some extra vaulting only to be met by Jack Frost and a west wind.  The vaulters proved their grit by warming up and away they went, group after group.  Lunch was brought in and the vaulting marathon continued until about 4:00.  Due to the holiday, Coach Haeck extended the camp an extra day to make sure that everyone got their fair share of vaulting.  Monday turned out to be a beautiful day and most of the vaulters returned to take advantage of the extra day.   These vaulters showed tremendous fortitude in overcoming the weather to attain their goal of becoming a better pole vaulter.

Campers included Rudy Magasrevy, Amanda Gale, Emily Gale, Matt Burroughs, Cody Chernoff, Cody Houchin, JT Evans, Jacob Arme, Colton Dillon, Katie Moschouris, and Marin Arsenault.  Watch for these vaulters to do big things this upcoming year.

Author: Bobby Haeck

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