Pole Vault Camps Are Worth The Money

Paying $300 for a pole vault camp may seem like a large amount of money to spend for 2 days of instruction, but the cost of the pole vault camp is well worth the money.  The end quest of any pole vault camp attendee is to become a better pole vaulter.  The staff at our pole vault camps is concerned with showing proper safety precautions, correct technique, correct pole selection, and finally with helping each vaulter, coach, and parent better understand the sport of pole vaulting.

How much is a vaulter’s health worth? Having 4 children myself, I know that you can’t put a price on that.  I can’t count the number of meets that I attend and vaulters are landing on their feet in the pit.  This is an accident waiting to happen.  I see kids holding too high on poles that are too small for them.  I see vaulters being propelled back down the runway.  All of these situations are avoidable with proper instruction and supervision.  If you agree that you can’t put a price on a child’s health, then we agree that pole vault camp can be worth the price.

How much money do you want to waste on buying the incorrect poles?  The current price for a 13′ pole vaulting pole is about $400.  We can help you decide which pole you should purchase for your vaulter.  We can help you understand about flex numbers so you don’t end up paying mucho dinero for the same pole again.  Believe me it happens all the time.  By learning the proper technique, a vaulter may end up needing a pole that is much different than the one they are currently on.  Many times, parents provide the financial backing for pole vaulting poles that are purchased for their child.  We understand that and want to help you make the correct decisions.  We currently have over 50 different pole vaulting poles, ranging from a 10′ 60 lb. pole to a 15′ 170 lb. carbon pole, from which vaulters can use at our pole vault camps to help make these kinds of financial decisions.  If you think your pole vaulter is going to be on one pole vaulting pole for their entire high school career, think again.  We can save you money by helping you choose the proper pole vaulting poles.

Lastly, our pole vault camps help pole vaulters increase their self esteem through a series of successful pole vaulting sessions.  It makes the staff at Pole Vault City very happy when we see a pole vaulter smile.  Many times, these pole vaulters are beset with frustration due to unsuccessful outings at practices and meets.  We love to see pole vaulters smile and enjoy the event that we hold so very dear. Nothing warms the heart like the smile of a child.

Think of pole vault camps as an investment in the future of your child not as a line item in your home budget.

Author: Bobby Haeck

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