The Next Attempt Sets The Bar Higher

Film maker Bubba McLean is known for many things in his adventurous career.  Bubba is an outstanding pole vaulter, surfer, adventurer, handy-man, and documentary extraordinaire. The Next Attempt, a follow-up film to A Pole Vaulter’s Dream, follows Bubba’s trek across Europe, Japan, and the US as he travels to championship vault meets and street vaults.  McLean’s documentary-style film is a pleasant change to the fast paced action that most expect in a pole vault DVD.  The Next Attempt shows viewers how unbelievably popular the idea of street vaulting is in Europe.  The Europeans apparently find this as good a reason as any to throw back a few pints and enjoy free entertainment, much as Americans would flock to bike week or a wet t-shirt contest during Spring Break.  The scenery in this DVD is stunning.  The rolling hills of Europe combined with the architectural details of skilled artisans combine for a panoramic panacea.  The film focuses on some of the best pole vaulters in the world including Olympic Champion Steve Hooker, American record holders Jenn Stuczynski and Brad Walker, along with a host of other talented vaulters.  The eclectic musical background makes the film almost as enjoyable as the vaulting and scenery.  Bubba’s ideas in videography are as refreshing as they are unique.  Make sure you get your copy and don’t forget the popcorn.  The DVD can be purchased at

Author: Bobby Haeck

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