Pole Vault City to Donate Free Pole Vaulting Poles to High Schools

In an effort to reward schools that send a large contingent of pole vaulters to Pole Vault City vault camps, Pole Vault City will donate a free pole vaulting pole to those schools.  In order to be eligible for the pole, the school must have 5 vaulters attend the same camp.  Pole selection will be made by the Pole Vault City staff based on the vaulter group that is present.  There are several reasons, outside of generosity, for the incentive program.  Coach Haeck and the staff believe that by having a large group of vaulters from the same school, they are showing a commitment to building a successful program. Pole Vault City believes in rewarding that commitment.  High school budgets are shrinking more and more as our nation faces difficult financial times.  Pole Vault City understands that those shrinking budgets should not adversely affect the great sport of pole vaulting.  By attending a Pole Vault City camp, the program will understand the importance of safety and collectively will be able to recollect the information from the camp as opposed to a single individual.  Coaches are encouraged to attend the camps with their athletes.  There is never a charge for a coach accompanying an athlete or athletes, but they do have to cover their lunch expenses.  Pole Vault City is dedicated to promoting the sport of pole vaulting and is very excited about this new, upcoming plan.

Author: Bobby Haeck

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