Running Off The Pit Will Not Result In A Make!

Myth: If a vaulter bobbles a crossbar and runs off the pit, it counts as a clearance as long as the vaulter has exited the pit before the bar falls down.Attention pole vaulters, coaches, and parents: If you run off the pit and the bar falls down – IT’S A MISS! I can’t count the number of times that I attend high school meets and inevitably, a vaulter scrambles to run off the pit because they heard that it would count as long as they were off the pit. All this does is put the vaulter at risk of rolling their ankle or possibly even worse. The rule states that the crossbar must steady itself. If a vaulter or their pole comes into contact with the bar and the bar is wobbling, the best thing to do is lay down in the pit and wait for the official to declare a make. If the bar falls down, then you know you have a miss on the scorecard. This myth is definitely BUSTED!

Author: Bobby Haeck

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